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PostSubject: AFTABAUTO   AFTABAUTO EmptyThu Jun 03, 2010 1:18 am

The company has informed that as per terms and condition of Preference Shares Issue, 1,80,00,000 Preference Shares of Tk.100.00 each, allotted earlier to the subscribers of preference shareholders against their subscriptions, are converted into 1,13,59,547 Ordinary Shares of Tk. 10.00 each of the Company at Tk 158.46 after 35% discount on Tk. 243.78 being the weighted average price of DSE during the four months effective from 01.02.10 to 30.05.10. The aforesaid converted ordinary shares of the Company are expected to be credited on 3rd June 2010 to the respective BO Account Numbers of preference shareholders which will be under lock in for one year effective from 31st January 2010.
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